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Node.js agent v8.7.1

January 18, 2022Download


  • Bumped @newrelic/aws-sdk to ^4.1.1.

  • Upgraded @newrelic/test-utilities to ^6.3.0.

    Includes helpers.getShim so sub packages properly execute.

  • Resolved dependabot and certain npm audit warnings.

  • Automation and CI improvements:

    • Added a script to be used by agent developers to add a PR to docs-website after the release of agent.
    • Changed the trigger for post release jobs.
    • Updated the create-release-tag script to pass in workflows to check before creating tag.
      • Fixed create-release-tag to properly filter out all async workflow run checks
      • Updated agent release to pass in a different list of workflows vs the default
    • Fixed release creation reusable workflow by passing in repo to bin/create-release-tag.js and bin/create-github-release.js.
    • Added workflow_dispatch to Agent Post Release workflow for manual testing.
    • Added a reusable workflow to create a release tag, publish to NPM and publish a GitHub release.
      • Updated agent release workflow to reference reusable workflow.
      • Added a new workflow to update RPM and publish API docs on a published release event type.
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