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Node.js agent v8.2.0

August 25, 2021Download


  • Added a new feature flag unresolved_promise_cleanup that defaults to true only when new_promise_tracking feature flag is set to true. If disabled, this will help with performance of agent when an application has a lot of promises. To disable, in your config set feature_flag.unresolved_promise_cleanup to false or pass in the environment var of NEW_RELIC_FEATURE_FLAG_UNRESOLVED_PROMISE_CLEANUP=false when starting application with agent.

    WARNING: If you set unresolved_promise_cleanup to false, failure to resolve all promises in your application will result in memory leaks even if those promises are garbage collected

  • Supported using connect to route middleware calls.

  • Removed stubbed out tests in memcached unit tests.

  • Refactored dropTestCollections in mongo versioned tests to await for all dropCollection operations to be finished before closing connection and returning.

  • Ported remaining mocha tests in test/unit/instrumentation to exclusively use tap.

  • Added @newrelic/eslint-config to rely on a centralized eslint ruleset.

  • Removed integration tests for oracle.

  • Converted config unit tests to fully use tap API and extracted related tests into more-specific test files.

  • Added a pre-commit hook to check if package.json changes and run oss third-party manifest and oss third-party notices. This will ensure the third_party_manifest.json and THIRD_PARTY_NOTICES.md up to date

  • Replaced JSV with ajv for JSON schema validation in tests.

  • Removed through in lieu of core Node.js implementation of Transform stream in tests.

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