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Node.js agent v6.8.0

May 21, 2020Download

New Features

  • Bumped @newrelic/native-metrics to ^5.1.0.

    Upgraded nan to ^2.14.1 to resolve 'GetContents' deprecation warning with Node 14. This version of the native metrics module is tested against Node 14 and includes a pre-built binary download backup for Node 14.


  • Added whitespace trimming of license key configuration values.

    Previously, when a license key was entered with leading or trailing whitespace, it would be used as-is and result in a validation failure. This most commonly occurred with environment variable based configuration.

  • Moved to GitHub actions for CI.

  • Updated PR template and added initial issue templates.

  • Converted most of the collector API unit tests to use the tap API. Split larger test groupings into their own test files.

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