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Node.js agent v6.3.0

January 27, 2020Download


  • Bumped @newrelic/aws-sdk to v1.1.1 from v1.0.0. https://github.com/newrelic/node-newrelic-aws-sdk/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md Notable improvements include:

    • Added official support for API promise calls, fixing two critical bugs.
    • Added check before applying instrumentation to avoid breaking for very old versions.
  • Added bindPromise() to Shim prototype for direct usage by instrumentation. Previously, _bindPromise() was a private function in the Shim module.

  • Updated language in agent to be in line with New Relic Standards.


  • Fixed spelling in configuration error. Thank you to David Ray (@daaray) for the contribution.
  • Fixed long-log truncation issue in Serverless mode.
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