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Node.js agent v2.0.0

July 18, 2017Download


  • The New Relic Node Agent v2 is here!

    This release contains major changes to the agent instrumentation API, making it easier to create and distribute your own instrumentation for third party modules. Check out Upgrade the Node agent or the Migration Guide for more information on upgrading your application to this version.

  • BREAKING: Reversed naming and ignore rules.

    Naming rules are now applied in the order they are defined.

  • BREAKING: De-duplicated HTTP request transactions.

    Only one transaction is created per request event emitted by an HTTP server. Previously this was one transaction per listener per event emitted.

  • BREAKING: Stopped swallowing outbound request errors.

    Errors emitted by outbound HTTP requests will no longer be swallowed by the agent.

  • BREAKING: Node v0.8 is no longer supported. Minimum version is now v0.10.

    The v1 agent will continue to support Node 0.8 but will no longer receive updates.

  • BREAKING: npm v1 is no longer supported. Minimum version is now v2.0.0.

New features

  • Added API for writing messaging framework instrumentation.

    Introduced new MessageShim class for writing instrumentation. This shim can be accessed using the newrelic.instrumentMessages() API method.

  • Added amqplib instrumentation.

    Applications driven by amqplib consumers will now have transactions automatically created for consumed messages. See Troubleshoot message consumers for more information on this instrumentation and its limitations.

  • Advanced instrumentation API is now generally available.

    New methods for instrumenting common modules were introduced during the Agent v2 beta. These APIs are now available to everyone:

    • newrelic.instrument()/Shim: This method can be used to instrument generic modules, such as connection pooling libraries, task schedulers, or anything else not covered by a specialized class.
    • newrelic.instrumentDatastore()/DatastoreShim: This method is good for instrumenting datastore modules such as mongodb, mysql, or pg.
    • newrelic.instrumentWebframework()/WebFrameworkShim: This method is used for instrumenting web frameworks like restify or express.

    Documentation and tutorials for the new API can be found on our GitHub documentation page: http://newrelic.github.io/node-newrelic/


  • Rewrote built-in instrumentation using the new Shim classes.

    The following instrumentations have been rewritten:

    • Datastores
      • cassandra-driver
      • ioredis
      • memcached
      • mongodb
      • mysql
      • node-cassandra-cql
      • pg
      • redis
    • Web frameworks
      • director
      • express
      • hapi
      • restify
  • The @newrelic/native-metrics module is now included as an optional dependency.

    This module will be installed automatically with Agent v2. If it fails to install the agent will still function.

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