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.NET agent v8.25.214.0

March 11, 2020Download

New Features

  • Thread profiling support for Linux

    Thread profiling on Linux will be supported on .NET Core 3.0 or later applications when running .NET agent version 8.23 or later. Triggering a thread profile is done from the Thread profiler page in APM.

  • Accessing Span-Specific information using the .NET Agent API

    New property, CurrentSpan has been added to IAgent and ITransaction. It returns an object implementing ISpan which provides access to span-specific functions within the API.

  • Adding Custom Span Attributes using the .NET Agent API

    New method, AddCustomAttribute(string, object) has been added to ISpan.


  • Fixes issue where adding multiple custom attributes on a Transaction using ITransaction.AddCustomAttribute causes the agent to ignore additional attempts to add custom attributes to any transaction.
  • Fixes issue that prevented Custom Events from being sent to New Relic until the agent shuts down.
  • Fixes issue that can cause asynchronous Redis calls in an ASP.NET MVC application to report an inflated duration.


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