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.NET agent v5.18.36.0

April 13, 2016

New Features

  • Async mode: Instrumentation of NServiceBus is now enabled when the AsyncMode flag is true.
  • Async mode: Added support for Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) instrumentation when Async mode is enabled.
  • Async mode: Microsoft Enterprise Library officially supported when Async mode is enabled.


  • Fixed a bug where ASP.NET 4.5+ applications would not get transactions for requests that had invalid query stings (such as "myPage.aspx?test=").
  • Fixed an issue where metrics from database calls using Enterprise Library would display as from vendor "Other." The metrics should now show the appropriate supported vendor (Oracle, MsSql, etc.).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery commands from being instrumented with the default instrumentation xml files.


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