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.NET agent v10.9.0

March 28, 2023Download


New Relic recommends that you update the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. Read more about keeping your agent up to date.

This release is supported for one year after its release date. For a full list of supported versions and their support periods, please see our EOL policy doc.

As of this release, the oldest supported version is .NET agent 8.26.630.0.

New Errors inbox features

  • User tracking: You can now see the number of users impacted by an error group. Identify the end user with the setUserId method.
  • Error fingerprint: Are your error occurrences grouped poorly? Set your own error fingerprint via a callback function.

New Features

  • Agent API now supports associating a User Id with the current transaction. See our ITransaction API documentation for more details. #1420
  • Agent API now supports providing a callback to determine what error group an exception should be grouped under. See our SetErrorGroupCallback API documentation for more details. #1434
  • Adds the Supportability/Logging/Forwarding/Dropped metric to track the number of log messages that were dropped due to capacity constraints. #1470


  • Reduce redundant collector request data payload logging in the agent log at DEBUG level. #1449
  • Fixes #1459, a regression in NLog local decoration when logging messages with object parameters. #1480


  • Renamed NewRelic.Providers.Wrapper.Asp35 to NewRelic.Providers.Wrapper.AspNet since this wrapper instruments multiple versions of ASP.NET. Updated installers to remove old Asp35 artifacts. #1448

Once published, you can find the release artifacts for this release here or on NuGet.org.


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