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Java agent v5.1.0

May 29, 2019Download
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  • JAX-RS

    This release adds support for @PATCH JAX-RS annotation. The agent will create and name transactions based @PATCH annotations.


  • Fixes an issue in the Scala instrumentation that would cause an Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: to be thrown when the Lightbend Cinnamon agent is in use.
  • Fixes an issue where Cross Application Tracing headers were incorrectly parsed when Distributed Tracing is enabled. Applications that use both Distributed Tracing and Cross Application Tracing will no longer report external transaction breakdown metrics.
  • Fixes an issue where the agent’s Kafka instrumentation would report WakeupExceptions as errors in New Relic. These exceptions will no longer be reported.
  • Fixes a Log4J ClassCastException for applications running on the IBM J9 JVM that set a custom logging manager via the -Djava.util.logging.manager system parameter.
  • The agent now supports using the thread profiler when the send_environment_info configuration is disabled.


  • The agent now sends data to New Relic using gzip compression by default. To use the previous compression set the compressed_content_encoding configuration value to deflate
  • The jdbc-resultset instrumentation is now disabled by default in the newrelic.yml and will be disabled by default in all future releases.

Known Issues

Fixed in 5.1.1

  • gRPC

This release contains two bugs in the Java agent's gRPC instrumentation. We highly recommend customers using gRPC instrumentation to upgrade to this and or later agent versions.

  • References to transaction segments were not being removed correctly, which can cause a memory leak
  • The agent could cause the gRPC server listeners to fail to execute its completed and/or cancelled methods, which can cause unexpected behavior
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