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Java agent v3.48.0

March 12, 2018Download
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  • Customers using Tomcat, WebSphere Liberty, or Resin now have data source information available. Data source information includes the number of active and idle connections, as well as the maximum possible connections. This information can be seen under the Data Source tab on the JVMs page
  • CompletableFuture instrumentation is more efficient
  • Disabling SSL connections to New Relic has been deprecated. SSL connections are enabled by default. In a future release, the option to disable SSL will be removed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that in rare cases prevented Play async transaction tracking
  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur in Spymemcached instrumentation
  • Fix to disable attributes.include lists when High-security mode is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where errors outside of a transaction did not contain custom attributes on the event
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UI to not display errors that had error messages over 255 bytes
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