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Java agent v3.38.0

April 24, 2017Download
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  • Expected Errors This release provides you with several flexible error configuration options to control how your errors are reported. With this addition, you can now configure certain exceptions that you expect your application logic will throw. These “expected errors” will not be counted towards your application error rate and Apdex; you will only be alerted on errors that truly affect the health of your application. Expected errors can be configured by exception class or HTTP response code. When specifying an exception class, you can provide an error message to match. See the documentation for details.

  • Custom CA Bundle

    A path to a custom SSL certificate bundle can now be specified in the agent configuration by using the following top level configuration:

    ca_bundle_path: /path/to/ca/cert/bundle.pem


  • Fixed a bug where applications running on Tomcat could see duplicated or misnamed transactions for async endpoints.
  • Fixed a bug that caused transactions to report with an inflated apdex. The affected transactions had to meet the following conditions:
    • A status code >= 400
    • No error set on the transaction
    • markResponseSent() or addOutboundHeaders() was not called from the API In this case, the agent will now consider that transaction call to be frustrating for the purposes of calculating apdex.
  • Fixed a bug where the loaded class count on the JVM tab is reported as a much larger value than the actual number of loaded classes. In certain circumstances this bug can cause memory and CPU over-utilization.
  • Fixed a bug where response times in ServletRequestListener.requestInitialized() would incorrectly appear much larger than the actual values when using JBoss.
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