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Java agent v3.34.0

December 14, 2016Download
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  • Solr

    The agent now reports database instance information for Solr. With the additional database instance information, transaction traces and slow query traces will provide the database server and database name for the queries displayed.

  • IBM JDK 8 Support

    The newest versions of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty Profile ship with the IBM JDK 8. This release is compatible with IBM JDK 8.


  • Fixed an issue in which asynchronous instrumentation could interact with instrumentation for JDBC ResultSet or a limited set of other frameworks, leading to loss of transaction reporting.
  • Fixed an issue in which transactions that executed the Spring Framework error handler could be given a generic name. These transactions will now retain their previously-assigned name.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.33.0 where use of the X-Ray sessions feature could cause the Agent to stop reporting transactions.
  • Fixed a bug in the agent that prevented Error Events from linking to corresponding Traced Errors when created outside of a transaction
  • Fixes a Tomcat-specific issue where Transactions would incorrectly report extremely long response times in the ServletRequestListener.requestInitialized() method.
  • Improved metric grouping issues in several frameworks including Akka tell calls.
  • Fixed bug in noticeError API. The agent now includes custom attributes in errors when the API is called outside a Transaction.
  • Fixed an issue where custom XML instrumentation could cause a null pointer exception in application code when custom attributes are set for a method that passes a null parameter.
  • Fixed an issue in the Agent API method recordCustomEvent() that could cause loss of custom events created using this API. Customer who do not use the recordCustomEvent() API are not affected. Previously, unexpected argument types could result in the loss of both the event and additional custom events recorded in the same 1-minute period. As a result of this fix, users of the recordCustomEvent API may discover that events that have never been visible in the Insights API become visible.

Known issues

  • Fixed in 3.35.2

    • Applications that use the Spray Client instrumentation may throw a NullPointerException into customer logs
    • Applications that use the Netty instrumentation may get a StackOverflowException when calling ServerBootstrap.bind() many times
    • Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2 applications will not display WebLogic specific JMX metrics
    • SQL parsing may throw a StackOverflowError and prevent large database statements from being sent up to New Relic
  • Fixed in 3.36.0

    • Queue Time may be misreported on the Overview page for applications injecting the X-Queue-Start or X-Request-Start HTTP headers
    • Applications that have custom Hystrix Commands that are subclassed multiple times in Groovy can cause an application to throw an exception on startup
  • Fixed in 3.37.0

    • Solr: Applications that use Solr and have reported to New Relic APM previously with an agent version prior to 3.34.0 will not display the Solr page
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