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Java agent v3.32.0

September 19, 2016Download
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  • WebLogic

    This release adds official support for WebLogic versions 12.2.x

  • Performance Improvements

    Improvements in Java agent startup time, particularly on modular ClassLoader architectures (such as JBoss)


  • Fixed bug in spymemcached instrumentation that would incorrectly name segments in transaction traces that contained “get-and-touch” operations.

  • Improved Play 2.5 instrumentation

    • Fixed memory leak for large POST requests.
    • Fixed incorrect response times. Previously, large uploads could cause inflated response times.
    • The agent now tracks PlayRequestHandler and no longer shows the short-lived NettyDispatcher transactions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause cross application tracing to display URLs as “Unknown” in transaction traces when the URL did not include the port number.

  • Fixed a bug in Jetty 9.3 instrumentation where transactions were not reported and memory was leaked if an incoming async request was wrapped by a framework or Jetty itself.

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