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Java agent v3.20.0

September 1, 2015Download
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  • JCache

    The Java Agent now instruments the JCache API. The instrumentation times cache operations of implementations of the JCache API.

    To get additional information about your operations in the Databases page, enable com.newrelic.instrumentation.jcache-datastore-1.0.0 in your newrelic.yml. This will incur additional overhead.

    enabled: true


  • Circuit Breaker alerts now better align with data displayed in JVMs tab.
  • In some cases the Java Agent's HttpURLConnection instrumentation could report incorrect external response time metrics
  • The Java Agent's MongoDB instrumentation no longer reports errors due to runtime exceptions that are caught and handled by applications.
  • Fixed an issue where Guice dynamic proxies could be instrumented, potentially causing MGI issues.
  • In rare cases a deadlock would occur at startup on some WebSphere applications.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause missing Cross Application Tracing information on WebLogic 12 when using HttpURLConnection.
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