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Go agent v2.15.0

October 24, 2019Download


New Features

  • Added support for monitoring MongoDB queries with the new _integrations/nrmongo package.

  • Added new method Transaction.IsSampled() that returns a boolean that indicates if the transaction is sampled. A sampled transaction records a span event for each segment. Distributed tracing must be enabled for transactions to be sampled. false is returned if the transaction has finished. This sampling flag is needed for B3 trace propagation and future support of W3C Trace Context.

  • Added support for adding B3 Headers to outgoing requests. This is helpful if the service you are calling uses B3 for trace state propagation (for example, it uses Zipkin instrumentation). You can use the new _integrations/nrb3 package's nrb3.NewRoundTripper like this:

    // When defining the client, set the Transport to the NewRoundTripper. This
    // will create ExternalSegments and add B3 headers for each request.
    client := &http.Client{
    Transport: nrb3.NewRoundTripper(nil),
    // Distributed Tracing must be enabled for this application.
    // (see https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/understand-dependencies/distributed-tracing/enable-configure/enable-distributed-tracing)
    txn := currentTxn()
    req, err := http.NewRequest("GET", "http://example.com", nil)
    if nil != err {
    // Be sure to add the transaction to the request context. This step is
    // required.
    req = newrelic.RequestWithTransactionContext(req, txn)
    resp, err := client.Do(req)
    if nil != err {
    defer resp.Body.Close()
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