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Gain better insights into your Transaction Traces with our improved UI

December 12, 2023

Optimize your application performance faster with a more intuitive interface

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The new transaction traces UI allows you to understand all the data captured on your transaction traces to provide the context for faster root-cause analysis. You can also filter the UI view and expand or collapse specific features as needed to focus on any key elements you need!

With the updated transaction trace UI, you can now:

  • Instantly identify trace insights: See all attributes from transaction traces directly in the UI, with a redesigned default view containing time-consumed pie charts, comprehensive span details, and segments.
  • Quickly visualize and analyze traces: Find root causes by using updated functionality in the trace waterfall, allowing you to focus on specific span times for quicker resolution.
  • See latency at-a-glance: Identify which segments cause latency in a single view with the new latency pie chart visualization.
  • Easily export data for further analysis: Share insights and collaborate more effectively using the CSV export of database queries.

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