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New Relic errors inbox now includes version tracking

November 7, 2023

Pinpoint the specific code release version associated with any newly discovered errors for faster triage

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With the frequency of software releases increasing, sometimes to many times a day, identifying if a particular version introduced an error becomes challenging. New Relic errors inbox now supports version tracking & filtering so you can easily identify which version introduced the error, making detection and root cause identification even easier. With version tracking in New Relic errors inbox, you get:

  • Faster root cause identification: Identify the version of the code release where errors first occurred so you can focus on fixing the code rather than finding the error.
  • Accelerated issue resolution: Reduce the steps and screens required to detect, identify, and resolve issues with less toil.
  • Real-time error visibility: Get an up-to-date summary of any new errors introduced by recent software releases and stay ahead of issues before they impact customers.

"Screenshot showing error occurences by version"

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