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Introducing New Relic Session Replay, now in limited preview

September 26, 2023

Gain valuable insights and troubleshoot faster with a video-like playback of your user’s interactions

We're excited to announce New Relic Session Replay is now available in Limited Preview! Ensure the best digital experiences with a video-like playback of user interactions alongside granular code-level telemetry data.

Whether your user encountered an issue during an online transaction or stumbled upon a bug, Session Replay allows you to retrace their steps and pinpoint the exact problem, making troubleshooting easier than ever.

With Session Replay, you can:

  • Play back and improve user experience: Quickly identify bottlenecks and pain points in the user journey with a detailed video-like playback of user actions.
  • Fix code-level issues: Access granular traces and error details to identify the exact code responsible for performance issues and get to the root cause faster.
  • Ensure user privacy: Protect users with client-side privacy obfuscation and encryption to ensure the security of their data.

A screenshot showing session replay player ui.

Next steps

  • Sign up here to get on the waitlist.
  • Read our blog for more information.
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