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Troubleshoot your mobile app release versions faster

September 14, 2023

Get instant insights into each of your mobile release versions with an intuitive, at-a-glance view.

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Our enhanced mobile versions UI empowers you to optimize your mobile app deployment with instant visibility into mobile version releases to ensure uptime, performance, and reliability. Now, you can easily identify problematic releases, proactively address issues, and reduce MTTD and MTTR.

With the new mobile release versions you get:

  • Instant performance insights: Evaluate the overall performance of each release as soon as you deploy to resolve issues faster and identify areas that have the potential to impact the user experience.
  • Single view of all release versions: Access a consolidated overview of essential metrics such as crash rate, error rate, user adoption, and crash-free user percentage, and compare them across versions, all within a single view.
  • Dynamic application health graphs: Analyze trends with a single click, filter data by release version, and drill down into granular metrics to make informed decisions quickly.

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