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Personalized pre-built dashboard recommendations to help you monitor in minutes

September 18, 2023

Save time and discover relevant observability resources faster with tailored quickstart recommendations right in your dashboards UI

We've updated our dashboards UI to recommend quickstart dashboards personalized based on your stack. Now you can quickly find relevant data visualizations in the same place you find the rest of your dashboards. With this update, you can:

  • Discover curated pre-made solutions based on the stack you rely on.
  • Get instant full-stack observability with a guided dashboard installation process.
  • Save the time and hassle of manually building dashboards from scratch, so you can spend your time monitoring and troubleshooting your system.
Discover and install recommended dashboards in seconds. You can also curate your recommendations by modifying your stack configuration.

How to get started

To install a pre-built dashboard:

  1. Go to the dashboards page and select the account you want to work in.
  2. Select a dashboard from the Recommended dashboards section at the top of the screen.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Setup data source section. If you've already instrumented the data source, you can skip this step.
  4. Click View dashboard to deploy the dashboard!

Curate your recommendations

To tailor your recommendations, you can now modify your account stack configuration:

  1. From the Dashboard home page, make sure you have an account selected.
  2. Under the Recommended dashboards section, select Tell us about your stack.
  3. In the new window, update your stack configuration by selecting all applicable choices.
  4. Confirm and select Save. The new recommendations will now appear.


  • If you have not selected your stack configuration, your recommendations will include a common set of curated popular pre-built dashboards.
  • When you change your stack configuration, this will affect the recommendations for your entire account, including those of other users in the same account.

Learn more by reading the docs.

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