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Resolve performance issues faster by communicating alongside your telemetry data.

January 10, 2023

With a two-way integration to Slack, even non-New Relic users can participate in the conversation.

Resolving performance issues is often a team sport, but when conversations happen in silos, your team probably lacks the context to spring into action, delaying remediation. We’ve fixed that with our new collaboration capability (now in preview). Using our collaboration features, you can resolve performance issues faster by communicating in an open and context-aware channel alongside your telemetry data.

With our two-way Slack integration, instantly share permalinks, screenshots, and comments directly from New Relic to Slack. Your teammates can reply from Slack even if they don't have access to New Relic, keeping discussions synced and eliminating repeated application switching.

Key features:

  • Communicate quickly using your preferred channels, across your entire organization, with our Slack integration. Collaborate with all of your teammates, including those without New Relic licenses.
  • Easily highlight problem areas with a built-in screenshot tool, which you can share via Slack (or email, if you prefer).
  • Capture institutional knowledge as you go with an archive of ongoing discussions, answered questions, and resolved issues.

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