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New NRQL string functions for better data formatting

October 27, 2022

Find substrings and transform string values in NRQL using these handy functions

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With the launch of four new NRQL functions, you can now transform string data right within your query.

Better formatting and easier comparisons

  • substring() extracts part of a string
  • position() finds the location of a substring within a string
  • lower() changes a string to lowercase
  • upper() changes a string to uppercase

Combine functions to query what you need

By combining these new string functions, you can extract and format the data you want right within your NRQL query. This can be especially powerful when combined with our recently announced NRQL variables feature for even faster insights:

NRQL with string functions

Next steps

Review the docs for substring(), position(), upper(), and lower() and start working with strings in your queries!

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