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Introducing database monitoring with the DBmarlin integration

August 29, 2022

New DBmarlin quickstart gives you visibility into the performance of your databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Db2, CockroachDB, and more.

The new DBmarlin integration and the DBmarlin quickstart dashboard for New Relic make it easier to monitor the functionality and performance of your databases alongside the rest of your observability data.

DBmarlin brings deep database performance and change monitoring to the New Relic platform so that developers, testers, SRE engineers as well as database administrators can understand why database performance is slow and how to improve it.

The quickstart sends database performance data, including database time, top SQL statements, and top wait events, from DBmarlin to New Relic. It also comes with a pre-built dashboard so you can see when database slowdowns occur and what is causing them.

DBmarlin quickstart dashboard

Install the DBmarlin quickstart for a pre-configured dashboard to quickly monitor the performance of your databases.


  • Monitor database performance, track changes, and help your databases run fast.
  • Easy and consistent monitoring for CockroachDB, DB2, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, self-hosted or in the cloud.
  • See how changes to your code, user load, infrastructure, or some other event impacts performance.
  • Capture SQL statement text and wait events so you can see exactly where the time is spent executing SQL within your database.
  • Auto-detect changes to schema objects, database parameters, and execution plans so you can see their impact on performance.

Get started

You can send data to New Relic with DBmarlin v2.7 and above. This allows you to monitor database performance data within a customizable New Relic quickstart dashboard alongside the rest of your stack.

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