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Infinite Tracing enhancements: EU & APAC. Browser, mobile, & Lambda

June 9, 2022

Smart sampling now supports more regions and use cases

There are some new enhancements and benefits of New Relic Infinite Tracing that are now available:

EU & APAC availability: Access to New Relic Infinite Tracing is now available to all customers in the European Union and Asia-Pacific regions. Customers can send all their traces to a regional service (trace observer) to decide what data to send to New Relic. This ensures customers have a low egress cost for tail-based sampling while also addressing regional compliance requirements.

Browser, mobile, and serverless support: View traces from the entire software stack with support for browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, and AWS Lambda monitoring. frontend developers and cloud architects can now specify the types of browser, mobile, or serverless traces they care about and never miss a trace again.

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