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New Instant Observability partner integrations for CI/CD, Kubernetes, and machine learning

January 31, 2022

Nine new quickstarts for monitoring CI/CD, MLOps, and load testing

In case you missed it, New Relic I/O helps you instrument, monitor, and analyze your stack in minutes. The secret ingredient is 400+ free expert-built quickstarts that bundle the integrations, guides, dashboards, and alerts for the technologies you rely on.

New integrations for Instant Observability

Partners contributing quickstarts to Instant Observability

The latest cohort of partners contributing to make observability a daily habit for engineers spans across CI/CD, Kubernetes testing, and leading machine learning operations (MLOps) platforms. These partners include:

Dashboard with model performance metrics

Visualize and monitor all your data in one platform

Learn more about how each of these partner-built quickstarts can help you quickly expand your observability game by reading this blog post.

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