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Schedule recurring muting rules

January 6, 2021

Suppress or mute notifications with ease

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Muting rules now have even more functionality, allowing you to schedule recurring times when you want to mute incident notifications. Scheduling a single occurrence for muting was already possible and now you can specify a start date and time and end date and time and also specify how you would like the rule to repeat out of the three options below:

Daily: The rule will activate every day, between the times specified.

Weekly: The rule will activate every week, between the times specified, on the specific days of the week you choose.

Monthly: The rule will activate once a month, on the day of the month specified. In the screenshot below, if monthly were selected, the rule would activate every month on the 7th.

Recurring muting rules for alerts

How to schedule a recurring muting rule in New Relic One

After specifying the recurring schedule, you can define when, or if, the schedule should stop. This can be specified as either a specific date, or a defined number of occurrences as in the example above.

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