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Alerts and Applied Intelligence new landing page

December 1, 2020

Surface insights with a new landing page.

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Alerts and Applied Intelligence have a new landing page that surfaces and highlights insights and analytics about how your alert configuration is performing. If you're using Incident Intelligence, you'll find the Issue and Incident feeds on the tabs in the Overview page.

The new landing page includes three tabs:

  • Summary - An overview highlighting analytics about how your alert configuration is performing.
  • Issues - Groups of incidents that describe the underlying problem. When a new incident is created, Applied Intelligence opens an issue and evaluates other open issues for potential correlation. By default, the feed is filtered to show only the active issues with the most recently updated at the top. Clicking on an issue opens a page with additional details specific to that issue.
  • Incidents - Groups of events that describe the symptoms of your system over time. These symptoms are detected by monitoring tools that evaluate your data streams and events. The incident feed includes all of your environment’s issues including those from New Relic, PagerDuty, and all other supported sources. By default most recent incidents are displayed on top and clicking on an incident opens a page with additional relevant details.

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