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Veneur sink: Your pipeline to 3rd party metrics

October 30, 2020

Send metrics to New Relic using our Veneur sink.

Build a pipeline to send metrics to New Relic using our Veneur sink. If you’re monitoring your servers with DogStatsD, you can easily switch pipelines and send that data to our Telemetry Data Platform—a single database where you can alert on and analyze that data to detect and resolve issues faster.

Veneur, an open source tool built by Stripe, is a vendor-agnostic proxy-based metric collection pipeline that consolidates disparate observability data, including StatsD or DogStatsD metrics, trace spans, and synthetic checks.

With Veneur you get:

  • Reduced data ingestion and storage costs by pre-aggregating metrics (such as timers) into percentiles
  • Improved efficiency over other metric aggregator implementations because vendors charge based on the number of metrics they consume
  • Improved reliability by building a more resilient forwarding system over single points of failure

Veneur metrics

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