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Rename or redirect a document

This document describes how to change the title of a document and how to create, edit, and delete redirects. Procedures are the same for both standard docs ("basic pages") and release notes.


Changing titles or updating redirects can create issues with finding content. If you need to change a title or a redirect, create a GitHub issue or, if you're a New Relic employee, contact the Docs hero via the #help-documentation Slack channel.

URL format

A document's URL is based solely on its filename and filepath in the GitHub repo. For more information, see Doc URL.

Change titles

To change a document title, change the title being used in the title field in the frontmatter at the top of the doc.

If you want to update a title in the sidebar, change the title for that doc in the nav file.

Change anchor links

Wherever possible, do not change the [#anchor_ids] of an H2 or collapser. There is no way to redirect from a deleted anchor to its new value. Even if the anchor id is outdated, this does not affect the majority of users who pay no attention to URLs.

Edit redirects

If you change the URL of a doc, make sure you add the old URL to the redirects frontmatter section at the top of the doc.

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