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Containerized private minion (CPM) v2.2.16

November 11, 2019

New features

Minions now capture more page metrics when you run a simple or scripted browser check with synthetic monitoring!

  • firstPaint and firstContentfulPaint paint performance values are now being collected.
  • longRunningTaskCount is now being computed ( longRunningTasksAvgTime, longRunningTasksCount, longRunningTasksMaxTime, longRunningTasksMinTime).
  • Navigation timing metrics are now being collected: loadEventStart, loadEventEnd, unloadEventStart, unloadEventEnd, domComplete, domInteractive, domContentLoadedEventStart, domContentLoadedEventEnd.
  • All of these values are available as attributes on the SyntheticRequest event, in Insights, NR1, and on the monitor results page.

Refer to Google's Performance and navigation timing API's for more details:

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