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Browser agent v1212

November 8, 2021


Updated LCP tracking

Largest Contentful Paint will now stop being tracked when page visibility changes to hidden. This aligns with the web-vitals library.

Added passive flag to addEventListener calls

Using the addEventEventListener without the passive flag for the touchstart event is flagged in Lighthouse. The passive flag is now applied to all addEventListener calls in the agent.

Update to Cumulative Layout Shift calculation

The CLS calculation has been updated to use session windows in order to align with Google Chrome tooling (Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, CrUX). For more information, see the official blog post on web.dev.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with Array.isArray() call

Array.isArray() call is not supported on old browsers and can cause a runtime error. This call has been replaced with an alternative that works on older browsers.

Fixed issue with null function argument in the addEventListener API

When a null value was passed in to the addEventListener API, the agent would report an internal error. This edge case is now being handled.

Fixed issue with Ajax deny list

There was an edge case where certain ajax calls could have been excluded when they should not have been. This is now handled correctly.


Added support for collecting internal/supportability metrics

The agent can now send metrics that capture information about how the agent itself is working internally.

Added agent supportability metrics for tracking API usage

Added agent supportability metrics for tracking excluded Ajax events

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