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Browser agent v1210

June 30, 2021


PageHide PageViewTiming events are now accounted for during page unload events

PageHide PageViewTiming events are used to query CLS values. In cases where the page was never hidden, inconsistencies would arise because the PageViewTiming event with that type would not be collected. Now when pageUnload fires, if a pageHide PageViewTiming has not already been set, it will set it to the time of unload.

Perfect Cumulative Layout Scores (CLS) are now recorded as 0

Perfect CLS scores were being ignored, because a score was only recorded when content shifted. This change reports perfect scores as 0, fixing inconsistent CLS queries.

Record fetch calls as metrics

Fetch calls are currently only recorded as AjaxRequest events with SPA browser interactions. This change records fetch calls as AJAX metrics, which will make them visible in the AJAX UI charts.

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