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Browser agent v1059

October 2, 2017


This Browser agent version has been temporarily removed; the most up-to-date version is currently agent version 1044.

The Browser agent, sometimes called the JavaScript agent, has multiple variants: Lite, Pro, and Pro+SPA. Unless noted otherwise, all features/improvements/bug fixes are available in all variants of the agent.

New features

  • Added JSONP support (relevant only for PRO+SPA): Browser Interactions that include JSONP requests are now correctly tracked. Previously, browser interactions that included JSONP were ended early and not included in the Breakdowns tab.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with zone.js: When New Relic and Zone.js v0.8.13 were used together, the context (this) was not being set correctly in some of the addEventListener calls used by clients.
  • Correctly send data when methods aren't wrappable: When XHR was not wrappable, the agent did not send data to the collector via XHR in some edge cases. We are now correctly sending the data if XHR exists on the page, even if it's not wrappable.

How to upgrade

To upgrade your agent to the latest version, see Upgrade the Browser agent.

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