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Browser agent v1016

January 19, 2017


The Browser Agent, sometimes called the JS Agent, has multiple variants: Lite, Pro, Pro+SPA. Unless noted otherwise, all features/improvements/bug fixes are available in all variants of the agent.

New features

  • Release ID API: A new API allows you to uniquely identify your current JavaScript version, enabling a richer error feature with source maps identification. Stay tuned for more information and documentation!


  • Passive Scroll Event Listeners: Previously, the wrapped scroll event listener did not take advantage of an available performance optimization: the passive annotation. By including this annotation, our wrapped scroll listener will allow a non-blocking, smooth scrolling action.

Bug fixes

  • XHR With Credentials: Previously, when the agent would send data using an XHR, it would feature-check the withCredentials property and set it to true if it was available. However, older versions of IE do not allow modification of the withCredentials property on unsent XHRs. The agent now wraps the property assignment in a try/catch block to prevent errors.

How to upgrade

To upgrade your agent to the latest version, see Upgrade Browser agent.

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