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iOS agent v4.139

November 21, 2014Download



  • Improved logging to identify when crash reporting is disabled during debugging.
  • You can now disable the capture of the HTTP response body for requests by calling the disableFeature method and passing the flag NRMAFeatureFlag_httpResponseCapture.
  • Added support for the armv7s architecture as it is not available in Xcode 6.
  • The SDK was updated to accept the HTTP method in the signature of the [NewRelic noticeNetworkRequestForURL] and [NewRelic noticeNetworkFailureForURL] methods allowing more detailed information to be collected.
  • The version of the New Relic iOS agent was added to the comments in NewRelic.h for convenience.


  • Corrected a potentially crashing situation when calling [NewRelic noticeNetworkRequestForURL].
  • Updated SDK to include iOS agent symbols in crash reports that may include New Relic code.
  • Removed potential deadlock on main thread for reachability requests by moving reachability flags off the main thread.
  • Resolves a crashing issue with Swift related to cases where class_getSuperClass() was called with the root Swift class.
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