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Android agent v6.1.0

June 29, 2021Download


We have noticed that this version has issues running on devices with API levels below 24.

This will be fixed in the upcoming release. In the meantime we suggest you revert to version 6.0.0 (or upgrade compileSDK to 24).

New in this release

In consideration of customers still dependent on Android 5.0, we've reverted the minimum supported SDK level (minSdkVersion) from 24 to 21.

Fixed in this release

Agent version 6.0.0 introduced changes to the way the agent processes crashes at runtime. Deferred crash reporting is now the default crash reporting behavior, in which case crash reports are recorded when they occur, but not uploaded until the next application launch. This agent release:

  • fixes a race condition with deferred crash reporting that resulted in dropped crashes.
  • corrects the inadvertently deprectated NewRelic.withCrashReportingEnabled(boolean) API method.

Resolve D8 crash caused by incomplete instrumentation of AsyncTask implementations.

Correct misleading logging messages generated when Http/HttpsUrlConnections are are instrumented for Distributed Tracing.

Support statement:

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is 5.23.0.

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