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Android agent v5.6.0

May 4, 2016Download


  • Improved OkHttp2 error reporting

    A set of OkHttp2 request exceptions, previously listed as Unknown errors, have been adapted to reportable error types.

  • Reduce upload attempts for cached crash reports

    Crash reports that are collected, but cannot be immediately uploaded, are saved locally. Saved crashes are uploaded to the crash collectors as part of agent initialization, and if the upload was successful, the local copy is removed. Otherwise, the upload is tried again the next time the app is launched, and this would go on until the upload was successful. To limit accumulation, and reduce old or duplicated crash reports, the agent now limits retries to three attempts.


  • Fixes crash when initializing JsonArray instances with null values. Throws JSONException if the passed JSON string argument is null.
  • Fixes certain crashes resulting from NoClassDefFoundError exceptions thrown by multi-dexed apps compiled for Dalvik on platforms prior to Lollipop (Android 5.0, API level 21).
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