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Android agent v5.22.0

February 4, 2019Download

New in this release

  • Updated instrumentation support for OkHttp to version 3.12.0
    • Minimum supported versions are now OkHttp 3.5.0, and OkIO 1.11.0
  • Dependency JARs using signature validation are detected during instrumentation. The agent cannot instrument JARs that use signature validation when signed. JARs whose manifest contains SHA1-Digest or SHA-256-Digest manifest attributes will not be modified
  • Increase the number of available user attributes from 64 to 128

Fixed in this release

  • Fixes null pointer exception during map upload when the generated map file is empty, such as when Proguard is enabled, but obfuscation is disabled using the -dontobfuscate Proguard configuration setting.
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