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Android agent v4.87.0

October 8, 2014Download


  • Crash Reporting
    • This release introduces crash reporting for mobile apps. Crash reporting supports capture and reporting of unhandled Java runtime exceptions.
    • Crashes include interaction trails: a history of automatically instrumented actions that occurred during the app session leading up to the crashing event. No breadcrumbs needed.
    • The SDK includes a NewRelic.crashNow() method to trigger a test crash quickly and easily.
    • You can also disable crash reporting via the runtime API.
    • When building an app with Proguard enabled, the Proguard mapping file is sent to New Relic to automatically provide human readable crash reports in the UI.
  • Session improvements
    • The SDK now more consistently records MobileSession events in Insights when users use various app switchers on Android 4.x.


  • Improve reported traffic accuracy
    • Corrects an issue where the SDK could continue to report an app as active when it had entered the background. This fix will reduce the traffic reported for an app to more accurately reflect actual usage.
  • Improve thread naming accuracy
    • Corrects an issue where the SDK reported some metrics with an incorrect display name. This fix will more accurately reflect thread breakdown data in interactions.
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