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Android agent v3.361.0

April 7, 2014Download


  • Better auto-naming support for Fragments.

    Previously, separating fragments from the calling Activity required renaming the running interaction. Now, Fragments have first class treatment and will show up alongside Activities.

  • OkHttp instrumentation.

    If you're using Square’s OkHttp library, you'll now see your HTTP transactions automatically appear on RPM. There’s no longer any need to use the agent API to track these transactions.


  • Clear all metric caches after a failed harvest cycle.

    In rare cases where the agent is unable to connect to New Relic's servers, some metric caches persisted and caused unusually large metric numbers. Now, all these caches are cleared at the end of the cycle to prevent compounding aggregation.

  • Improved inflight interaction naming.

    There are some cases in which renaming a running interaction did not fully rename the metric scope. This fix ensures all aspects of the interaction bear the new name.

  • Fixed an issue in Proguard bytecode handling.

    While compiling Android apps with Proguard's optimizations turned on is discouraged, the agent does its best to support such optimizations. However, we mishandled one such case and have fixed it in this release.

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