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Mobile app for Android v2.0.2

November 12, 2015Download

New features

  • We’ve added mobile support for synthetic monitoring. Now you can get the current health status of your monitors, mute/disable/enable them and view details about your monitors and any failures that may have occurred, all from your phone.
  • There’s a whole new Material Design look to New Relic for Android with this release. You’ll find more data for each of your apps, servers, browsers, ect. with new updated card views for list views.


  • Updated graphs and charts


  • Improved support for runtime permissions
  • Fixed truncated Mobile crash notifications


  • Added the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission back into the app to support setting custom ringtone for New Relic push notifications
  • Users can choose to deny this permission on Marshmallow devices and will see a settings screen without the option to set custom ringtone for New Relic push notifications
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