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Kubernetes integration v1.7.0

March 26, 2019


Follow standard procedures to install or update the New Relic integration for Kubernetes.


Added: Support for kube-state-metrics (KSM) 1.5.

Added: The reason and message attributes are added to K8sPodSample. This will provide visibility into why a pod status is Failed.

For example, a pod that failed due to memory pressure on the node will report the following attributes:

  • Status: Failed
  • Reason: Evicted
  • Message: Pod The node was low on resource: [MemoryPressure]

It is possible to create an alert for any of these attributes.

Added: The memoryWorkingSetBytes attribute is added to K8sContainerSample. This metric is used by the OOMkiller to decide when a container is using too much memory compared to its limit and should therefore be killed. It will enable more precise monitoring of the memory usage for containers.

Changed: Always request metrics from kube-state-metrics in text format. In KSM's v1.5 this is the default regardless of the format requested.

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