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Kubernetes integration v1.13.0

January 23, 2020


Follow standard procedures to install or update the New Relic integration for Kubernetes.


  • Added: samples for Statefulsets, Daemonsets, Endpoints and Services.

  • Added: API Server metrics can now be queried using the secure port. Configure the port using the API_SERVER_SECURE_PORT environment variable. The ClusterRole has been updated to allow this query to happen.

  • Changed: The integration now uses the infrastructure agent v1.8.32-bundle. For more information, refer to the Infrastructure agent release notes between versions v1.8.23 and v1.8.32.

    The bundle container contains a subset of On-host integrations that are supported by New Relic. This also includes the ability to "Auto Discover" services running on Kubernetes in a similar way to our Container auto-discovery

  • Changed: The integration has been renamed from nr-kubernetes to nri-kubernetes.

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