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Infrastructure agent v1.0.799

November 2, 2017


New Relic Infrastructure Agent builds are available for multiple platforms. See Update the Infrastructure agent for how to download and update the appropriate version of the agent for your platform.

Note also that this is a Windows and Linux release.


  • Limit the scope of the agent's search for pidfiles in /var/run to a max depth of 3


  • Fixed bug causing sysctl inventory to always be blank
  • When the same device is mounted to multiple paths, the device's IO metrics will be attached to each path's StorageSample event rather than just one of them
  • When running in AWS, the Linux distribution string reported as "linuxDistribution" will no longer include the AMI ID
  • Restored the output of external plugins in verbose logs
  • Fixed inconsistency in processDisplayName values
  • Removed "Empty line handling plugin output" message from verbose logs when the plugin was handled correctly
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