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Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v1.6.25

December 5, 2019

New diagnostic checks

  • Base/Config/AppName - Check for default application names in New Relic agent configuration


  • The following tasks have been updated to support their latest agent versions
    • DotNet/Agent/Installed
    • DotNet/Profiler/WasRegKey
    • DotNet/Profiler/W3svcRegKey
    • DotNetCore/Agent/Installed
  • DotNet/Profiler/EnvVarKey now provides clearer instructions when an issue is detected
  • Infra/Agent/Debug can now enable New Relic Infrastructure agent debug logging on Windows Infrastructure agents 1.7.0 and above
    • Linux: ./nrdiag -t Infra/Agent/Debug -a ATTACHMENT_KEY
    • Windows: .\nrdiag.exe -t Infra/Agent/Debug -a ATTACHMENT_KEY
    • Windows-x64: .\nrdiag_x64.exe -t Infra/Agent/Debug -a ATTACHMENT_KEY
  • Python/Requirements/PythonVersion now correctly determines Python version supportability in line with the New Relic Python agent
  • New Relic Diagnostics now uses compression to produce a very light weight nrdiag-output.zip
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