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Ruby agent v6.14.0

November 17, 2020Download


  • Bugfix: Method tracers no longer cloning arguments

    Previously, when calling add_method_tracer with certain combination of arguments, it would lead to the wrapped method's arguments being cloned rather than passed to the original method for manipulation as intended. This has been fixed.

  • Bugfix: Delayed Job instrumentation fixed for Ruby 2.7+

    Previously, the agent was erroneousy separating positional and keyword arguments on the instrumented method calls into Delayed Job's library. The led to Delayed job not auto-instrumenting correctly and has been fixed.

  • Bugfix: Ruby 2.7+ methods sometimes erroneously attributed compiler warnings to the Agent's add_method_tracer

    The specific edge cases presented are now fixed by this release of the agent. There are still some known corner-cases that will be resolved with upcoming changes in next major release of the Agent. If you encounter a problem with adding method tracers and compiler warnings raised, please continue to submit small repoducible examples.

  • Bugfix: Ruby 2.7+ fix for keyword arguments on Rack apps is unnecessary and removed

    A common fix for positional and keyword arguments for method parameters was implemented where it was not needed and led to RackApps getting extra arguments converted to keyword arguments rather than Hash when it expected one. This Ruby 2.7+ change was reverted so that Rack apps behave correctly for Ruby >= 2.7.

  • Feature: captures incoming and outgoing request headers for distributed tracing

    HTTP request headers will be logged when log level is at least debug level. Similarly, request headers for exchanges with New Relic servers are now audit logged when audit logging is enabled.

  • Bugfix: newrelic.yml.erb added to the configuration search path

    Previously, when a user specifies a newrelic.yml.erb and no newrelic.yml file, the agent fails to find the .erb file because it was not in the list of files searched at startup. The Ruby agent has long supported this as a means of configuring the agent programatically. The newrelic.yml.erb filename is restored to the search path and will be utilized if present. NOTE: newrelic.yml still takes precedence over newrelic.yml.erb If found, the .yml file is used instead of the .erb file. Search directories and order of traversal remain unchanged.

  • Bugfix: dependency detection of Redis now works without raising an exception

    Previously, when detecting if Redis was available to instrument, the dependency detection would fail with an Exception raised (with side effect of not attempting to instrument Redis). This is now fixed with a better dependency check that resolves falsly without raising an Exception.

  • Bugfix: Gracefully handles NilClass as a Middleware Class when instrumenting

    Previously, if a NilClass is passed as the Middleware Class to instrument when processing the middleware stack, the agent would fail to fully load and instrument the middleware stack. This fix gracefully skips over nil classes.

  • Memory Sampler updated to recognize macOS Big Sur

    Previously, the agent was unable to recognize the platform macOS Big Sur in the memory sampler, resulting in an error being logged. The memory sampler is now able to recognize Big Sur.

  • Prepend implementation of Net::HTTP instrumentation available

    There is now a config option (prepend_net_instrumentation) that will enable the agent to use prepend while instrumenting Net::HTTP. This option is set to true by default.

Support Statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is 4.5.0.

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