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Ruby agent v3.14.1.311

December 10, 2015Download


  • Add support for setting a display name on hosts

    You can now configure a display name for your hosts using process_host.display_name, to more easily distinguish dynamically assigned hosts. For more info, see Change display name of hosts

  • Fixes automatic middleware instrumentation for Puma 2.12.x

    Starting with version 2.12.x the Puma project inlines versions of Rack::Builder and Rack::URLMap under the Puma namespace. This had the unfortunate side effect of breaking automatic Rack middleware instrumentation. We now instrument Puma::Rack::Builder and Puma::Rack::URLMap and once again have automatic Rack middleware instrumentation for applications running on Puma.

  • Do not use a DelayedJob's display_name for naming the transaction

    A DelayedJob's name may be superseded by a display_name, which can lead to a metric grouping issue if the display_name contains unique identifiers. We no longer use job name methods that may lead to an arbitrary display_name. Instead, we use the appropriate class and/or method names, depending what makes sense for the job and how it's called.

  • Improvements to Mongo 2.1.x instrumentation

    Fixes issue where getMore operations in batched queries could create metric grouping issues. Previously when multiple Mongo queries executed in the same scope only a single query was recorded as part of a transaction trace. Now transaction trace nodes will be created for every query executed during a transaction.

  • Bugfix for NewRelic::Agent.notice_error

    Fixes issue introduced in v3.14.0 where calling NewRelic::Agent.notice_error outside of an active transaction results in a NoMethodError.

  • Bugfix for Resque Transaction Error events

    Fixes error preventing Transaction Error events generated in Resque tasks from being sent to New Relic.

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