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Ruby agent v3.14.0.305

October 19, 2015Download


  • pruby marshaller removed

    The deprecated pruby marshaller has now been removed; the marshaller config option now only accepts json. Customers still running Ruby 1.8.7/REE must add the json gem to their Gemfile, or (preferably) upgrade to Ruby 1.9.3 or higher.

  • Log dates in ISO 8601 format

    The agent will now log dates in ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD) format, instead of MM/DD/YY.

  • Additional attributes collected

    The agent now collects the following information in web transactions: Accept, Host, User-Agent, Content-Length HTTP request headers, HTTP request method, and Content-Type HTTP response header.

  • TransactionErrors reported for APM error advanced analytics

    With this release, the agent reports TransactionError events. These new events power the beta feature Advanced Analytics for APM errors. The error events are also available today through New Relic Insights.

    Advanced Analytics for APM errors lets you see all of your errors, with granular detail. Filter and group by any attribute to analyze them. Take action to resolve issues through collaboration.

    For more information, see View APM errors and error traces.

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