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Python agent v6.10.0.165

September 16, 2021Download


This release of the Python agent adds new instrumentation for the GraphQL frameworks Strawberry and Ariadne, updates to Graphene and Starlette GraphQL instrumentation, a change to logging configuration, and includes bug fixes.

Install the agent using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or download it directly from the New Relic download site.

New Features

  • Add new instrumentation for Strawberry

    GraphQL applications built using Strawberry will now be automatically instrumented.

  • Add new instrumentation for Ariadne

    GraphQL applications built using Ariadne will now be automatically instrumented.


  • Add new and changed metrics for Graphene applications

    Metrics specifying the framework details for Graphene have been added, and GraphQL metrics now include Graphene as a product field.

    (eg. GraphQL/operation/Graphene/query/<query_name>/<query_path>)

  • Improve tracing in Starlette GraphQL applications

    GraphQL applications using Starlette now support all executor classes. Previously, only async executor classes were supported.


  • New Relic agent logs no longer propagate to the root logger by default

    Previously, logs using the logging module sent to the newrelic logger would propagate to the root logger, potentially causing duplicate logs to appear or be sent to New Relic. This has been changed to no longer propagate to the root logger by default.

    To reverse this behavior, in your application you can run logging.getLogger("newrelic").propagate = True at any point after initializing the agent. If you use the newrelic-admin wrapper, this can be done at any time inside your application.

Bug Fixes

  • TimeTrace.str recursion

    A case of infinite recursion with TimeTrace.__str__ has been corrected in this release. Calling str(), repr() or print() on a TimeTrace object or subclass instance will now display helpful debugging information about it.

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