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Python agent v5.16.0.145

August 10, 2020Download


This release of the Python agent changes the internal http client from requests to urllib3, updates logging, and includes bug fixes.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or can be downloaded directly from the New Relic download site.

Improved Features

  • The NewRelicContextFormatter now records extras

    When using the NewRelicContextFormatter log formatter, extras are now automatically captured and recorded in the New Relic agent logs product.

  • The agent now internally uses urllib3

    The python agent previously used requests as its http client. The agent now uses urllib3 internally for HTTP communication with New Relic data ingest services.

Bug fixes

  • Fix gRPC application crash when credentials are supplied

    When using the credentials argument, the agent's built in gRPC instrumentation caused an application crash. This crash has been fixed.

  • Fix Tornado framework crashes when finish is called from a different task

    When finish is called from a different task, applications using the Tornado framework may crash. This crash has been fixed.

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